Development of novel non-invasive biomarkers for fertility and healthy pregnancy (Short title: HAPPY PREGNANCY)


Subproject A: Molecular diagnostic application of DNA-based biomarkers implicated in FSH action.

Subproject B: Translational studies for the potential clinical application of novel and clinical literature-based maternal blood serum based biomarkers in monitoring maternal and fetal health in early and late pregnancy.

Subproject C. Development of genetic biomarkers for the risk to recurrent miscarriage 

The main objectives: 
 1) To test and evaluate the clinical relevance of novel DNA polymorphisms discovered by our research group, and to translate these genetic biomarkers to the routine application in molecular diagnostics in reproductive medicine; to prepare for their potential future assessments in pharamacogenetic application. 
 2) To test and evaluate the clinical prognostic potential of novel maternal blood serum biomarkers in pregnancy complications, identified by our research group, as well as to evaluate the clinical performance of blood serum biomarkers suggested in scientific literature, but not applied in Estonian patients; to develop together with the private partner a multi-marker test of these biomarkers for the routine application in clinic.