Happy Pregnancy Workshop 2014 Sep 04

Happy Pregnancy Workshop will be held in Tartu, Estonia, May 21-22.  

We have invited several speakers who are experts in obstetrics/gynaecology or andrology: 

 Prof. Ole B. Christiansen (Copenhagen, one of the leaders of ESHRE Early Pregnancy Group), prof. Berthold Huppertz (Graz University, Cell Biology, Histology and Embryology Institute), prof. Ilpo T. Huhtaniemi (Imperial College of London, University of Turku) and dr. Niels Jørgensen (Copenhagen) are Happy Pregnancy Study scientific advisory board members. They also took part of Happy Pregnancy Workshop 2013.

In addition to  Happy Pregnancy Study scientific advisory board members, it is possible to hear lectures of well-known foreign experts in ob/gyn and andrology.

 Prof. Christopher Redman, (Oxford, UK) has investigated the pathogenesis, detection, prevention and treatment of pre-eclampsia since 1970. He pioneered the concept of the role of a systemic inflammatory response both in normal pregnancy and the clinical stages of pre-eclampsia. 

 Dr. Miguel Constancia (Cambridge, UK, Institute of Metabolic Sciences and the Centre of Trophoblast Research) reasearch intrest are genetic imprinting and fetal growth, as well as epigenetics and gene-environment interactions. 

 Prof. Yoel Sadovsky (Pittsburg, USA, Scientific Director, Magee-Womens Research Institute). His research on feto-placental development and trophoblast function parallels his clinical expertise in maternal-fetal medicine. He examines the homeostatic adaption of trophoblasts to cellular stressors.  

Prof. Eric Jauniaux (University College of London, Academic Department of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Institute of Women 's Health). His special intrests include placental diseases, congenital infections, pregnancy after IVF, cancer and pregnancy, multiple pregnancy monitoring and gestational trophoblastic diseases.

Prof. Rafael Oliva (Barcelona, Spain; Director of Human Genetics Laboratory, University of Barcelona). His present research lines include the proteomic, genetic and epigenomic study of human spermatogenesis and the molecular defects associated to human male infertility. His particular interest focuses on sperm nuclear proteins.

Prof. Jorma Toppari (Turku, Finland; President of European Academy of Andrology). His special intrests are impact factors of reproductive physiology  and endocrine system of men; development and function of testis . 

Prof. Trine B. Haugen (Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences), focused on the research of testicular cancer.

It is also possible to hear presentations from Estonian clinicians/scientists of reproductive medicine and get an overview of the Happy Pregnancy study progress. 
If you are interesested in reproductive medicine you are cordially welcomed to hear the lectures for free. The workshop is supported by the project " Development of novel non- invasive biomarkers for fertility and healthy pregnancy " (HAPPY PREGNANCY) ( 3.2.0701.12-0047 ), Graduate School of Biomedicine and Biotechnology (1.2.0401.09-0073) and  Doctoral School of Clinical Medicine (1.2.0401.09-0078).